Why is playing outside important for children?

In situations like these when a global pandemic, Covid-19 has forced everyone to surrender down and hide in their holes, no individual remains unaffected. With schools, parks, sports clubs and all leisure activities places closed, children remain caged in their homes. In such times, one feels the importance of outdoor activities and its immense importance. For children outdoor activities are as important as quality indoor activities. Outdoor activities develop beneficial qualities in children including confidence, teamwork, patience and tolerance, sportsman spirit, sharing, observing and most importantly learning.

Confidence building

Children who are engaged in outdoor activities tend to be more social and interactive helping them to build confidence in them. Outdoor games and activities help children to make friends through games saving them from violent video games and harmful activities. Their interaction with other kids also helps them to adopt qualities from their friends.

Exercise & Teamwork

Playing games outdoors is a great exercise which helps children to maintain a healthy system and an escape from various diseases. Playing various games with children help them to build attributes like sportsman spirit, patience and tolerance, sharing that will have a long-lasting impact on them. Children who play outdoor activities also display more acceptance. They play along with children with diverse backgrounds and cultures, which creates an opportunity of brotherhood and learning. 


If you’re worried that your kid would just end up playing games due to outdoor exposure, here is the good news, outdoor activities can be a source of learning and understanding certain mechanisms as well. It is encouraged to let your kids have some fun time as an incentive when they get enrolled in kindy adelaide at first. 

Outdoor activities are a great chance for children to learn. They do not only learn playing different sorts of skills but help them explore their talents and skills as well. A particular outdoor game lets a child imbed focus, determination and hard work while playing that game. An outdoor game and activity lets him acknowledge the importance of these three qualities.

Break from a monotonous routine

As it is said, a caged bird can never recognize the importance of wings. A kid who remains indoor entirely misses out on a lot. Outdoor activities allow children to have a break from all the mundane and boring activities. Outdoor games and activities serve as a change in environment imprinting a positive impact on the child.


Sometimes, when a child is exposed to society, he feels gratitude for the things God has bestowed upon him whether they’re materialistic ones or in the form of human relations. Outdoor activities provide kids a chance to explore the beauty of nature as well. They get to feel the outside world and take in the fresh air which is refreshing for their mind, body, and soul. 

It is not wrong to say that there’s the darker side of the story as well, outdoor activities can make a kid neglect his other important tasks as homework, or time spent with siblings or parents but that is where the balance and check is required. Overdose of anything is harmful. Correct concentration can do wonders!