Street Art in Italy

This phrase, attributed to Banksy , explains in a very simple way what Street Art is for me: a way to beautify and enhance the world around us, especially in places often forgotten and even more often decaying. Obviously it is not only this, it is also a way of conveying important social messages, publicly and without censorship, a way to decontextualize art and bring it to a different and, more often, younger audience. And probably many other things.

Over the years, street art, first considered as a mere act of vandalism, has earned a place of honor among the tourist attractions of many cities and also some controversial museum honors (controversial because for many it is a contradiction to present street art in a conventional museum).

Street Art in Itraly the most beautiful places
Italy is full of street art. In Rome there are entire neighborhoods that have come back to life thanks to it, like Tor Marancia . In other cases, individual works embellish buildings scattered throughout the city. Here is what our friends of #inviaggiocoiblogger tell us about Street Art in Italy.

Steet art in Carrara
Speaking of street art in Italy I cannot fail to mention that absolute masterpiece which is “David looking at the moon” by Eduardo Kobraportrait at the Carrara quarries. It is an exceptional work from many points of view. To begin with, if you think of street art, you always refer to urban and underground contexts and you would never imagine finding it in the mountains as in this case. But there is much more than that. The David di Kobra is a celebration of Michelangelo’s David in the places from which the genius of the Renaissance drew the material of his most famous work. It is a tribute to Carrara, as the cradle of sculpture and, at the same time, to the creative flair that has always made men shape matter by transforming it into art. Like a writer who sees a canvas of a thousand colors in a block of marble. And then the David is gigantic and, last but not least, it is incredibly beautiful. A rainbow flower has sprung up in the midst of these ice-white craters.