How do I know if my kid is ready for kindergarten or not?

Kindergarten provides the key with the chance of learning how to read and write. Although some kids may have learned how to read and write by the time they are entering kindergarten it’s not expected or required. However, even if your kid doesn’t know how to write or read you must make sure that they are ready for kindergarten even before you begin looking for a kindergarten.

Most parents don’t pay attention to their kids and therefore they never know when their kids are ready for kindergarten or when they are not. Some of the parents said their kids go to kindergarten when they are not ready to begin learning. This can be risky since your kid does not know what to expect or why they are sent to kindergarten and therefore they may end up having a difficult time coping with kindergarten. Since you want your kids to have an easy transition to kindergarten you must make sure that you are sending them to kindergartens when they are ready to begin learning.

Are there signs to tell you when you are kid is ready for kindergarten?

Whenever your kid is ready for kindergarten you will know. There are certain signs that your kid will begin showing and they will tell you that they are ready to begin learning and that it is the best time for you to enrol them in the best kindergarten.

Signs that your kid is ready for kindergarten

If you’re wondering whether your kid is ready for kindergarten you will observe their readiness in the following ways.

1. Academic readiness

Most parents tend to think that the only way that their kids can be prepared for kindergarten is if they are academically ready. Some bit of this fact is true since your kid has to show some sort of academic readiness for you to know that they are ready for kindergarten. Basing on you are kids academic readiness they should be able to do the following things:

  • Tell a simple story or retell a story they have heard
  • Count numbers
  • Speak in simple but complete sentences of about five or six words
  • Write their names
  • Write simple words and the alphabet

2. Social readiness

One of the things that a kid must do before joining kindergarten is attaining social readiness. Kindergartens are places with a high number of people and therefore your kid is required to interact with the other kids in the kindergarten without any challenges. Although your kid is expected to learn more social skills when they are in kindergarten there are several social skills that they must have for you to know that they are ready for kindergarten. If your kid can do the following things, know that they are socially ready for kindergarten.

  • Feel comfortable when with several people or in groups
  • Ask for assistance or permission when necessary
  • Know some personal information such as their name gender age among others
  • Follow some simple instructions
  • Share their food, toys, balls among other belongings with others.

3. Physical readiness

Your kid also requires to be physically ready for them to join. The following are some of the signs that tell you that your child is physically ready for kindergarten;

  • They have fine motor skills such as tracing shapes holding pencils or buttons in their shirts
  • Managing bathroom needs
  • Exhibit motor coordination skills such as hoping jumping or skipping

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